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The Narrative Apothecary offers coaching and mentoring for individuals looking to own and grow their gifted & neurodivergent story, both personally and professionally. All services provide a supportive environment that allows your story to emerge and be seen and heard. I am here to support you to move beyond being the hero of your story to become the author of your own unique, narrative. Whether you are at the beginning of discovering your gifted & neurodivergent narrative or in need of an accomplished companion to write your next chapter, I am here.

Narrative Coaching

Narrative Coaching works towards healing and personal development by focussing on challenges and callings an individual’s own gifted & neurodivergent biography presents them with. It addresses the pursuit for meaning and helps in times when we experience loss of orientation, context and sense. 

Mentoring for Coaches & Therapists

This mentoring offer is for therapists, coaches, and other gifted support service professionals who are looking for guidance and direction as they grow in their field and navigate the professional and personal challenges that come with this role.

Gifted Autistic Peer Groups

The Peer Discussion Groups provide an empowering and generative space for gifted autistic individuals to come together and support each other in their self-discovery journey. Our services include a gifted autistic women's group and we'll soon be offering an all-genders gifted autistic peer group.

Root Cause Therapy

RCT helps clients to enquire about what stories they tell themselves unconsciously, to which (self-)beliefs these stories are connected, and where the stories originated. The process then guides clients to explore the possibility of letting these stories and beliefs go, or at least letting go of the emotional hold that these stories have on them.

Integration Coaching

Giftedness integration coaching is for gifted and twice- or multi-exceptional adults who have either just embarked on their discovery process or feel ready to look deeper into their unique cognitive make-up and the role their giftedness / exceptionality plays in their life.

Giftedness Assessments

A qualitative assessment takes a full-picture look at your profile including where you are on the giftedness scale, what shows as the main areas of intelligence and how they interact, any possible overexcitabilities and  how trauma, upbringing and cultural environments factor in.

Gifted Autistic Mentoring

The individualized mentoring program is for gifted autistic adults who aim to deepen their self-knowledge and explore their self-leadership skills as a neurodivergent individual. It is designed to encourage gifted autistic people to innovate by applying their unique way of seeing and experiencing the world.

Orienting Sessions

Don't know yet which coaching might benefit you most, whether gifted-specific therapy may be needed instead or what to expect from a qualitative giftedness assessment? In an orienting session we'll map out where you are in your journey and what the next best steps might look like.

It took some time and courage for me to invest in my self-understanding with a giftedness assessment, but I knew I needed a solid foundation from which to build in order to move my life forward. My assessment with Fabienne gave me everything I needed to begin filling the very important gaps and helped me answer many of the lingering questions books and research articles couldn’t. Even after discovering my giftedness three years ago, I knew the knowledge of giftedness alone couldn’t account for the suffering and isolation I had endured throughout my life. Being given a fuller, more complete picture of how I experience that world has alleviated a profound amount of guilt and shame, as well as armed me with the ability to be a stronger self-advocate and design my life around my multi-exceptional needs. I am so deeply grateful.

Talia S., US


Are you ready to get started and want to draw up a plan together for your storytelling journey?

Book an orienting session, where I'll learn where you are now, where you'd like to go, and will make recommendations for how to journey from here to there.

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