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narrative apothecary

Narrative Apothecary


Welcome. This is a place to re-connect to your gifted & neurodivergent narrative to find healing and meaning in your story.

By combining the transformative power of storytelling with the healing wisdom of plants, the narrative apothecary offers a unique and holistic healing and integration experience.

My story medicine is designed to empower you to access the wisdom within your own gifted & neurodivergent narrative and use it to create meaningful and lasting change in your life so you can thrive in your next chapter.

This service is offered through coaching and mentoring, root cause therapy, giftedness & neurodivergence integration work, qualitative giftedness assessments and facilitated peer groups.


I also welcome you to tap into the transformational intelligence of plant medicine to heal and empower your story through the narrative apothecary blog and the shop (coming soon).

Story medicine in coaching 

We humans are narrative creatures. Telling stories is part of how we make the world. We learn about and form our belief system through story. We discern how our inner value system correlates with the ideas of others and grow our own understanding by exploring how others see and understand the world through their lens.

The gifted & neurodivergent narratives we tell ourselves and the narratives imposed on us have a direct impact on the way we function, feel and relate. When we gain insight into how we conceptualise ourselves, we learn about the spaces where change and emergence can happen.

Narrative coaching can help us find those spaces. To remember and unpack our gifted & neurodivergent narrative is an empowering act -- we (re-)learn who we are and how we relate to the world and what we believe in. This allows us to step back into our own story, our core values and existential meaning of our becoming, in interplay with our psychological, social and spiritual selves. 

While we become witness to our own narrative, the practice of narrative coaching helps to see the unfolding of our life and the questions it confronts us with. Once we have applied enough story medicine and move towards healing and growth, we are better able to see and respond to the callings our biography presents us with.


Eventually, the freed resources and uncovered values will guide the path to the creation of a new authentic-feeling storyline.

Owning our stories and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we'll ever do.

Brené Brown

Image by Shahid Hafiz



Explore your gifted & neurodivergent story and apply your self-leadership skills to innovate by applying your unique way of seeing and experiencing the world. It’s all about how the strengths and challenges of your giftedness & neurodivergence provide unique opportunities for growth, expression, meaning-making and connection with yourself and others.

Are you a gifted coach or therapist new to working in the gifted & neurodivergent support services and are looking for mentoring to clarify and solidify your offerings and to grow as a gifted professional? Join me to create and grow your professional story to serve the gifted community.



A good place to re-enter your gifted & neurodivergent story is a qualitative giftedness assessment. This holistic full-picture look at your unique profile can help you to unlock doors for legitimizing, accepting, and empowering yourself. Become the author of your next gifted & neurodivergent chapter!


Integration coaching might be a good way forward to find answers to your most burning questions after an assessment, or it may feel that it's time for a deeper dive to explore and apply the various aspects of your giftedness, excitabilities and neurodivergence to your personal and professional life-story.



Come and join us to share your gifted autistic stories with like-minded people and give and receive support, validation of your unique experience and peer mirroring. The facilitated and theme-guided groups provide an empowering and generative space for gifted autistic individuals to come together and support each other in their self-discovery journey. We discuss and explore various themes related to life as a gifted and autistic individual. We cover topics as how to navigate career, family and hobby, time-management and life-balance and how to authentically and meaningfully connect given our unique cognitive make-up and particular gifts.

in collaboration


nice to virtually meet you
Fabienne Wydler Coaching

I am Fabienne, therapist, coach, mentor and assessor, story-lover and former journalist, and herbal practitioner. I am the person behind the Narrative Apothecary and my heart is all about bringing story medicine and the wisdom of plants into your gifted & neurodivergent discovery and integration journey.


I am here to assist your giftedness & neurodivergence to emerge, and be validated and nurtured, so that you can thrive in your authentic-feeling story and have your life transform corresponding to that. I work holistically with trauma-informed coaching methods, root cause therapy, body-mind/mindfulness techniques and plant medicine.

I welcome you to contact me to find out about the magic that stories and herbs can bring to your journey.

Marinca H., Netherlands

"The 2 hour assessment with Fabienne flew by. She is easy to talk to, warm, and she operates very intentional; from the way she phrases her questions to the reflections she shares. She is considerate and thoughtful.
The assessment is build up in such a way that you not only gain insight in your intelligence profile, but also the areas where you can continue to learn."

narrative apothecary blog

I came to start this blog because of my strong connection to the Earth and my gratitude for her generous gifts. As I looked for unconventional medical support to soothe physical and mental symptoms related to my neurodivergent wiring and trauma healing process, I learned just how powerful her gifts are. I discovered what is sometimes referred to as Holistic Herbalism or Sensory Herbalism,  where the focus not only lies on the Western Herbal Medicine's analytical approach to bringing an individual's health back to balance but equally on getting to know plants and herbs more intimately using our senses and intuition, dream stories and archetypes and symbols, that connect across time and culture. 

Many of the plants that I talk about in this blog have become close allies while bringing more balance to my body, supporting resilience during tough times, assisting in coming into a safe, connected space and creating a sense of belonging (all of which makes healing so much easier). They have also facilitated great dialogue between me and the sensory world through which I have received valuable teachings in reshaping my (social) norms and in reacquainting with my inner natural world, my imagination and creativity.

This blog is written to help you pave a way into nature's system of knowledge to find inspiration for your own gifted & neurodivergent acceptance and healing journey towards authenticity and generativity. My hope is that you'll feel moved to take ideas from my experiences and see what works for you and how you wish to apply the plants' wisdom to your own unique life and story.

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