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Grieving is an intense process amongst gifted, neurodivergent and sensitive people. As their awareness tends to more complex intaking and processing and their highly sensitive nervous systems and overexcitabilities lead to intense feelings, the gifted & neurodivergent grieving process can be demanding to navigate. Hawthorn and Rose are plants that may assist the journey by bringing life and light back into one's heart.

grief heal liqueur for gifted & neurodivergent trauma and grief
Heart Mend Elixir

Our bodies tend to store away unexpressed emotions, in particular those related to trauma and grief. Many gifted & neurodivergent people, especially those who have been late (self-) identified, go through an intense grieving process when they learn about and integrate their neurodiversity. They may grief what could have been, the choices they made based on false assumptions about themselves, the time they spent searching for that missing puzzle piece that now explains their difference so well and perhaps most importantly, the passing of their mask that fiercely protected them and helped them belong, yet created that ever widening

gap to themselves.

When we deny or hide away from the feelings of grief, they continue to exist somewhere concealed in the body and inevitably start to impact the integrity of our health. Hawthorn, Rose and Raspberry are effective allies in consciously processing grief. These heart plants assist by helping us to connect to our feelings of joy and beauty, by supporting our courage to be vulnerable again and by promoting flow and warmth to assist our (self-)forgiveness work. They not only help us by bringing back vitality to our hearts, they also assist in creating protection while we step forward in our process.

I took the Heart Mend Elixir while consciously tending to my grief process when I divorced. It felt like a sweet act of self-care and I loved the feeling of support coming from Mother Earth. Thank you! Lydia B., Switzerland

An easy way to invite the heart-healing herbs into your daily life is through a tasty elixir. I gift this elixir in a beautiful bottle or jar to support family and friends anytime there is a need to mend a broken heart and to bring some sweetness to grief.

Here's what you need:

This recipe uses dried herbs, but you can as well use fresh herbs and double the measurement for the herbs.

  • 2.5 tablespoons dried hawthorn leaves and flowers

  • 2.5 tablespoons freeze-dried raspberries

  • 2.5 tablespoons dried rose petals

  • 325 g organic honey

  • 200 ml brandy

  • 25 ml organic rosewater

Let's get started:

Add the hawthorn leaves and flowers, the raspberries and rose petals to one litre water and simmer for about half an hour. If you keep the lid closed, the fragrances won't escape.

Sieve the decoction into a sterilised cup or jar. Stir in the honey and add the brandy and rosewater.

Pour the liqueur into a sterilised closable jar or bottle (yields about 1.3 litres). Keep it refrigerated and use within about two months.

I like to add a few rose petals to the finished elixir; it looks really lovely and brings forth some of the roses' sweetness which I adore.

The Heart Mend Elixir can be taken three times a day by the tablespoon.

(Contraindications: if you are on heart medication, have ulcers or have colitis)


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